Burnham on Sea


Click on the image above to view a video of the working layout

Situated on the Somerset coast, Burnham was once important as the northern terminus of the Somerset &Dorset Joint Railway which linked the Bristol and English channels together. The railway opened on May 3rd 1858 with the station unusually featuring a short overall roof and a long platform for excursion trains. The station closed to normal passenger traffic on 25/10/51, excursion traffic on 08/09/62 and goods on 20/05/63.

The model was made to 2mm Finescale standards and exhibited by the late Denys Brownlee. The layout was stored after his death and has recently been acquired by John Perrett who is in the process of its restoration. Most of the restoration to date has been beneath the baseboard.

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Burnham-on-Sea is available for exhibitions.

The model is self supporting, in a shallow “v” shape within the floor space, with a curtained frontage.

Spotlights providing illumination.

Scale is 2FS (2mm finescale) with a track gauge of 9.42mm.

Track height above floor approx 3ft.7”.

Floor space required is 14ft.long by 4ft.depth. (min) preferably 5ft.

Mains supply –one outlet (max.300watt)

3 operators

Insurance value of £2500

To contact the owner, John Perrett, please click here.


2 responses to “Burnham on Sea

  1. A very good layout. I want to employ the man who works the winch – he is tireless and could tackle my garden!


  2. Layout was on show in Burnham Baptist church for the last two days and attracted a lot of attention from many admiring visitors to the exhibition which was to remember the S&D’s last days. Many thanks for your efforts in bringing it to life.


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